Reading Recap: August 2019

August was full of travel for me. I saved all of my vacations for the end of summer and it was fun looking forward to both trips. I visited my best friend from college in Chicago at the beginning of August. The five hour drive was spent listening to a *riveting* audiobook. At the end of the month Andrew and I went to Washington, D.C. and had the best time exploring the city, staying with friends, and running away to the beach in Maryland for a few days. All of that travel lent itself to some fabulous reading!

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This book came recommended from my favorite podcast and my favorite boyfriend. It’s a bit post-apocalyptic and a bit Wizard of Oz. If you liked Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel or The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker, you might like this one! I really liked it, although the end did drag on a little. Andrew and I read it together and it prompted a good discussion about memory, relationships, and the future.

If you want to feel *shook*, read Never Have I Ever. Imagine a suspicious stranger showing up to your book club, making friends with your friends, and then revealing that she knows a secret about your past. There’s blackmail, plot twists, and the ending…..cray cray! I had the privilege of talking to Joshilyn Jackson when she was in Louisville and it made me an even bigger fan of her and this novel. Apparently her next book is in the same tone and I’m here. for. it.

Oh Jenny Colgan, my comfort author. This is not Pulitzer Prize winning literature and that’s what I needed in my life after finishing Never Have I Ever. This book takes place in a cozy town in Scotland. There’s a nanny you can root for, three unruly children who are funny and charming. It wasn’t as good as The Bookshop on the Corner, the romance element fell a little flat for me, but it was still sweet and easy to read.

Well, if you need a weird book in your life, here you go! I thought this was completely original, if not a little disturbing. It’s about a new mom who suspects that a stranger is in her house while her husband is away on business. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but it did creep me out which takes talent! Also, I listened to this episode of #10ThingstoTellYou which gave me a whole new perspective on the entire story.

I’ve been nostalgic for Europe lately and was determined to find a series to fill the void. These books by Daniel Silva follow Gabriel Allon, an aging spy with a big heart, as he travels multiple countries in pursuit of multiple villains. This was my first spy novel and I went on to read the second one called The English Assassin so I’d say I’m a fan! There are 17 in all. I listened to parts of the second one on audio and found it to be delightful too.

This book! It’s in my Top Ten of the year and I wrote a whole review here. Check it out!

I am a huge fan of this series. This is the fourth and my favorite so far. I enjoyed it so much that this was a reread! It follows Private Detective Cormoran Strike and his partner Robin as they go undercover to search for answers on the streets of London. I love the characters and the setting even more than the mystery itself. When is the fifth one being released already???

What did you read in August?

What else do you want to know about the books I’m reading?



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  1. Welll, I’ve been on a british mystery (slight) obsession this summer, and have discovered a series by Faith Martin! The woman detective is Hillary Greene and I pretty much read through the entire series without stopping! I read them FREE on my Kindle Unlimited so yay for no money spent on books this summer. UNTIL: I tried one recommended by goodreads… and I’ve decided they don’t know me at all! “The Charmed Life of Alex Moore” ranks up there with worst books I’ve ever read haha! I’m not sure if she was trying to write a fantasy and she got distracted?? Or maybe a coming of age story and she got distracted?? Sorry for this long reply! I can’t just talk a little about books!!

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