Reading Recap: July 2020

Next month will mark one year since I’ve consistently posted a monthly recap of what I read. In July, I only read three books which is much lower than my average amount. After “only” reading three books, I realized how much a number goal has become part of my reading life.

I listen to a podcast where one of the hosts reads close to a dozen books every month. Does that person actually get to enjoy what they’re reading? Or are they just consuming books like their bingeing on Netflix shows? I don’t want to read more books, (I want more time to read) I want to be able to savor what I read. In a society that is highly consumeristic, may my reading life not turn become that!

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I think my expectations for this book were too high. It’s about generations of women who are forced into arranged marriage with men who range from mean to abusive. Although the novel ended on a hopeful note, it was really hard to read. Arranged marriage happens every day all around the world and a light needs to be shown on those stories. There were sections of the book I really liked and others that I had to skim. It was objectively a good book and the writing was good, but I can’t say that I loved it.

I love a good nonfiction book that reads like a novel, and Wild Game is just that. This memoir is a real life soap opera mixed with Ina Garten’s cooking show. Adrienne tells the story of how her mother involves her in her decades long affair. Her mother is a chef and food writer, which is where the Ina Garten part comes in. Its set mostly in Cape Cod and the wealth that this family has is fun to read about but also a little gross. If you enjoy dysfunctional family stories, you’d love this. It’s a page turner and short; I read it in about two days.

After I finished Wild Game, I started about three books that I just couldn’t get into. Enter: middle grade fiction! I usually try reading middle grade when my reading feels like it’s dragging. This book was so wonderful! I wished I had written it because it was so well done, sweet, realistic, and full of fun and adventure. I loved the father/daughter relationship at the center of the book. It’s about Jane who lives in Maine, and her dad who is a research scientist. Perfect for nerds and beach lovers alike.

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What did you read in July?

What else do you want to know about the books I’m reading?

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